Hawkweed Hemp LLC

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Sales to adults 21 and older!!  Members please visit our members page for exclusive deals! 

1000mg Le Creme Full Spectrum 
$25 FREE Shipping!! 

2000mg Le Creme Full Spectrum 
$50 FREE Shipping!! 

Our Le Creme full spectrum CBD oil is all is extracted from only the finest hemp flowers raised and hand picked by Brian Bethke himself. This small batch handcrafted oil is co2 extracted and fine filtered for the  maximum benefits.

1000mg Blue Berry Flavored Full-spectrum CBD

Hemp Muscle Rub 400mg $25

50mg Full spectrum Gummies Tropical Flavor 30ct $35

Grillers and Smokers Hemp Seasoning $12.00

2000mg Full Spectrum
$90 FREE Shipping!! 

THC FREE 1000mg Broad Spectrum Orange Flavored! $75
Temporally OUT OF STOCK 

Unscented Hemp Salve 400mg $25

Bacon Flavored Full Spectrum Hemp Tincture!